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DUNS #:   034239942
Cage Code:   58SR1
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Case Studies
Aircraft Parts Distributor

Project Analysis and Re-design of Inspection Line for the Largest Aircraft Parts Distributor in the USA. (FAA and DOD Requirements)
Objectives Analyze the performance and implementation of the existing inspection line and stations with the objective of improving throughput and reducing cost thru a lean implementation.
Unique Issues This client, already the largest aircraft parts distributor in the country, was experiencing continued growth even though it had moved to a very large warehouse. The organization was in need of more inventory space and needed to move orders and inventory faster with demand on the rise.
Results The initiatives, detailed below, produced the following results:
  • 100% increase in inspection line throughput
  • 40% reduction in manpower
  • Eliminated delays and wait times for DAR (government approved subcontracted inspector) further reducing the cost of inspections
Description of Services In addition to leading this organization to successful AS9000 registration, Insight 1, Inc. identified performance problems in its processes and methods that, if addressed, would improve overall efficiency. Some of these problems included:
  • A parts inspection line that was manpower intensive and slow
  • A powered conveyor system that was configured poorly for routing items requiring inspection resulting in the need for a manual sort
  • Poor accessibility of part specs requiring manually searches and physical print out on the computer for provision to inspection personnel

Insight 1, Inc.’s lean team lead the warehouse lean management team in -
  • Modifying the warehouse management system to permit coding of inspection items following pick from inventory
  • Reconfiguring the conveyor system and software to automatically route parts requiring inspection and Certs to a new inspection line
  • Automatically selecting applicable specs for parts and presenting them to the inspector for use while parts were still in route to the inspection station
  • Automating the print out of applicable Certs for signature by inspector or DAR
Methodologies Insight 1, Inc. used its prior knowledge of the client’s Software systems, conveyor system and processes coupled with Lean Principles to recommend changes necessary for making significant improvements in the operation. This included recommended changes to the Warehouse Management Software, a new approach to document management, facility layout improvements and automation of processes in support of the inspection process.